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Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Season 2, Episode 1 (HD, New) Host Julie Chen invites a special group of celebrity contestants over to a redesigned "Big Brother" house as they face a series of unique challenges.
Magnum P.I. Day of the Viper (HD, New, TV-14) Higgins' former MI6 teammate arrives injured with news about the person who murdered her love; Rick works a case for Magnum that soon goes awry.
Bull Split Hairs (HD, New, TV-14) Bull prepares to defend New York City's chief medical examiner as she faces evidence tampering charges, but he worries about her penchant for brutal honesty.

The Andy Griffith Show The Mayberry Band (TV-G) Mayor Stoner adopts a frugal attitude concerning the local marching band, proclaiming it is a disgrace, and refuses to fund it's trip to the state competition.
The Andy Griffith Show Floyd, the Gay Deceiver (TV-G) In an attempt to impress his lady pen pal, Floyd has been posing as a rich entrepreneur but encounters problems when she wishes to meet him in person.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. A Marriage of Convenience (TV-G) Company D is in Hollywood to film a motion picture, and the film's starlet is facing deportation when her visa expires; the actress proposes to Gomer to marry.
WKRP in Cincinnati Sparky (TV-PG) Mr. Carlson hires a baseball management legend to host a new sports talk and interview show, but has to fire him when the show never takes off.
Hogan's Heroes Carter Turns Traitor (TV-G) The location of a chemical plant is Hogan's latest target as he and his men attempt to get Carter to act as a traitor; he can fish information from the Germans.
Hogan's Heroes Two Nazis for the Price of One (TV-G) A Gestapo officer who claims to know all of the secrets of Stalag 13 and their operations comes to Hogan to blackmail him, hoping to extract information.
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