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Happy Together How Jake and Claire Met (HD, New, TV-PG) Jake frequently embellishes the story of how he and Claire began their college romance, but Claire is quick to correct some details to reveal the true events.
Magnum P.I. Die He Said (HD, New, TV-14) A man with lethal lymphoma asks Magnum to find his estranged brother, whose bone marrow is compatible to his, but Magnum soon is haunted by old memories.
Bull But for the Grace (HD, New, TV-14) A client faces felony manslaughter charges after his old public defender gave him inadequate advisement about his initial misdemeanor assault charge.
Cleveland 19 News at 11PM (New)

The Andy Griffith Show Aunt Bee's Romance (TV-G) Aunt Bee's former lover, Roger Hanover, writes a letter informing her he is planning on paying her a visit while passing through Mayberry.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Secret Life of Gomer Pyle (TV-G) Sergeant Carter thinks that Gomer is spending time away at the beach when he notices him in a magazine picture with a handful of swimsuit models.
WKRP in Cincinnati Three Days of the Condo (TV-PG) Venus advises Johnny about the investment opportunity of purchasing a condominium after he is awarded a handsome sum in a legal settlement.
Hogan's Heroes The Experts (TV-G) Hogan first saves a German radio expert but then comes to his aid by helping him find an escape route where he won't be chased around by the Germans.
Hogan's Heroes Klink's Masterpiece (TV-G) Hogan convinces Colonel Klink that he is a talented artist, so that way Colonel Klink will take his artwork to a gallery; Hogan makes a rendezvous.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests John Byner and Petula Clark (TV-G) The gang reminisces over keepsakes; the gang parodies TV Commercials; Carol as a Fireside girl is kidnapped, but she turns out to be more trouble than expected.
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